Millions of merchants are waiting for you.

Implement friction-free online-to-offline marketing programs through card-linked marketing.

New Revenue Opportunity.

Extend your ad solution to the 90% of consumer
spending happening in stores

  • Bring performance marketing to local businesses

    Close the loop between your online ad infrastructure and the real world. Enable merchants to connect their digital promotions to purchases at their store.

Close the mobile monetization gap

Help merchants deliver performance marketing to nearby shoppers through your mobile ad solution.

Simple Implementation.

Easily add offline purchase attribution to your online and mobile
ad solutions through card-linked services.

Create card-linked apps in minutes

Use the CardSpring API to create card-linked promotions that consumers can link to their existing credit or debit cards.

Real-time consumer experience

When a linked card is used at the advertised store, our API notifies you in real-time, so you can engage with consumers as they’re completing their purchase.

Trackable results

Drill down to how much revenue and repeat business each promotion delivers to merchants.

Example Coupon App

1. Create coupon app to connect to retailer.

Set WebHook callback URL:

curl -X PUT \
     -d event_callback_url="" \

Create app and connect to business:

curl -X POST \
     -d discount_description="$10 coupon for Example store" \
     -d notification[type]=authorization_event \
     -d redemption[amount]=1000 \

Example Coupon App

2. User adds coupon app to their card(s).

Securely manage user card information:

CardSpring.createUser(cardSpringResponseHandler, {
  publisher_id: 'Av4DWmT5iLk1EjEN7yKEjnZezYFFJuJu',
}, {
  card_number: $('.card_number').val(),
  exp_month: $('.exp_month').val(),
  exp_year: $('.exp_year').val(),
  user_id: '32324'

Add app to user’s cards:

curl -X POST \
     -d app_id=O7WYg1jmHUiOOHeYKbwZnF1GMJUbgqyi \

Example Coupon App

3. App executes during purchase.

Event sent to your callback URL:

curl -X POST \
     -d event_type=authorization \
     -d date_time="2012-01-13 12:34:56" \
     -d amount=1299 \
     -d app_id=O7WYg1jmHUiOOHeYKbwZnF1GMJUbgqyi \
     -d business_id=O7WYg1 \
     -d user_id=32324 \
     -d card_token=ddS0LIV41f9c6dLBXHcqJp6lfjkeCXtZ \