Frequently Asked Questions

What is CardSpring?

CardSpring is an online service that makes it easy for local merchants to connect card-linked marketing programs from leading web and mobile companies to their business.

What are card-linked marketing programs?

Card-linked marketing programs are promotions from local businesses that customers can link to their existing debit or credit cards. Customers find and register for these promotions through web or mobile publishers. When customers purchase at the promoted store with their registered card, any linked promotions are applied automatically.

Why is card-linked marketing important for my business?

Card-linked marketing allows you to create web or mobile promotions that you can track back to purchases in your store. Unlike other approaches, you’ll know exactly when your card-linked campaigns bring new or repeat customers, how much they spend, and how often they return.

Will I be able to choose which companies I want to market my business?

Yes, CardSpring gives you full control over which web and mobile companies can promote your business.

How do I get card-linked marketing for my business?

CardSpring uses your existing payment systems and does not require any changes to your store. To add CardSpring to your business, you can either sign up at xxxx or contact your payment processor.

What will the experience be like for my customers?

Typically, customers register their credit or debit card through a publisher’s website or mobile app. When customers use their registered card at your business, any associated promotions are applied automatically by the publisher, and your customer will receive a notification through their mobile phone or email.

Do I need to change or upgrade my POS?

No. CardSpring works with your existing point-of-sale systems so there’s no need to clutter counter space with additional hardware.

Do I need to train my employees?

No. Card-linked promotions are connected to customers’ existing credit or debit cards and redeemed automatically through your payment systems. You do not need to train your employees to use additional equipment, accept coupons or loyalty cards, or deal with addition steps in your store’s checkout process.

Will CardSpring sell my customer information to third parties?

No. CardSpring will never share your information with third parties without your explicit consent. We believe your data belongs to you.