Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CardSpring API?

The CardSpring API is a new payment web service that lets developers create web and mobile applications for credit and debit cards.

How do I get access to the CardSpring API?

Please contact us if you’d like to use the CardSpring API to create card-linked applications or add online-to-offline marketing to your web and mobile ad solutions.

How does the CardSpring API work?

The CardSpring API lets you connect application logic and WebHooks to specific payment events, such as a credit card being used at a merchant. When the payment network detects the event, our platform executes your application, enabling you to implement card-linked applications such as coupons or loyalty programs.

Can I build applications that communicate with customers during checkout?

Yes. You can implement application logic and Webhooks either in real-time, while the customer is paying (authorization time), or when the money is transferred to the merchant, typically 24-48 hours after the purchase (settlement time).

What kinds of applications can I create through the CardSpring API?

Common applications include digital coupons or loyalty programs, but the CardSpring API is a flexible solution that lets you implement any type of card-linked application. For example, you could enable airlines to add frequent flyer numbers to payment cards or provide personalized shopping recommendations during checkout.

Do merchants need to install special hardware or software?


Can I use the CardSpring API to see all of a consumer’s purchases for a payment card?

No. We believe that consumers and merchants should have control over their purchase data and our web service enforces a strict privacy model that requires both merchants and card owners to opt in explicitly for a particular app.

Do I need a merchant account or be PCI compliant?

No. The CardSpring API takes care of all PCI compliance requirements for you and all payment card information is managed by our secure web service. Learn more.

Do you support international payment cards?

Yes, as long as the merchant accepts them.

Do you support international merchants?

Currently our API is only available to U.S. businesses, but we are working on adding support for other countries. Please contact us if you are interested in deploying card-linked applications outside the U.S.

How do I become a CardSpring publisher or get access to the CardSpring API?

Access to the CardSpring API is currently by invitation only. If you’d like to use the CardSpring API to create card-linked applications or add online-to-offline marketing to your web and mobile ad solutions, you can request an invitation through the developer registration form.