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CardSpring has joined the flock!

Build apps for payment cards.

The CardSpring API makes it easy for developers to link digital applications to credit or debit cards.

Connect digital ads to the real world.

Create card-linked promotions, such as digital coupons, virtual rewards, and loyalty programs.

When a consumer makes a purchase at a specified store, CardSpring executes your application and connects the purchase back to your promotion.

Create card-linked apps in minutes.

Our simple, secure REST API lets you create card-linked applications that receive real-time payment events through WebHooks.

Our web service securely manages your payment data and takes care of all PCI requirements for you. Learn more.

Simple, real-time consumer experience.

Consumers add your application to their existing payment card(s) by entering their card number on your website or mobile application.

When the card is swiped, your linked service is notified in real-time, enabling you to engage with consumers as they’re completing their purchase.

Works on existing payment terminals.

CardSpring runs in the payment cloud, so your card-linked services can be deployed through merchants’ existing payment infrastructures.

No need for stores to install new hardware, train employees, or issue new cards.

Example Coupon App

1. Create coupon app to connect to retailer.

Set WebHook callback URL:

curl https://api.cardspring.com/v1 -X PUT \
     -d event_callback_url="https://your.site.com/event" \

Create app and connect to business:

curl https://api.cardspring.com/v1/businesses/O7WYg1/apps -X POST \
     -d discount_description="$10 coupon for Example store" \
     -d notification[type]=authorization_event \
     -d redemption[amount]=1000 \

Example Coupon App

2. User adds coupon app to their card(s).

Securely manage user card information:

CardSpring.createUser(cardSpringResponseHandler, {
  publisher_id: 'Av4DWmT5iLk1EjEN7yKEjnZezYFFJuJu',
}, {
  card_number: $('.card_number').val(),
  exp_month: $('.exp_month').val(),
  exp_year: $('.exp_year').val(),
  user_id: '32324'

Add app to user’s cards:

curl https://api.cardspring.com/v1/users/32324/apps -X POST \
     -d app_id=O7WYg1jmHUiOOHeYKbwZnF1GMJUbgqyi \

Example Coupon App

3. App executes during purchase.

Event sent to your callback URL:

curl https://your.site.com/event -X POST \
     -d event_type=authorization \
     -d date_time="2012-01-13 12:34:56" \
     -d amount=1299 \
     -d app_id=O7WYg1jmHUiOOHeYKbwZnF1GMJUbgqyi \
     -d business_id=O7WYg1 \
     -d user_id=32324 \
     -d card_token=ddS0LIV41f9c6dLBXHcqJp6lfjkeCXtZ \